Wrong Dates on Lease Agreement

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I live in Boston Ma, I just received a message from my management company stating that they want to introduce rent payments by direct deposit directly from my bank account to the landlord. I have been renting my apartment for a year and I have already signed a lease the following year. The lease agreement stipulates that payments by cheque must be made by mail. Do I have to switch to direct deposit to pay the rent? Honestly, I feel a little uncomfortable with the idea and would prefer to keep sending my rental check. First, treat the court issue like any other damage situation. The dogs caused excessive damage, so the tenant should be responsible for the repairs. Follow the right steps to inform them of the damage, have them repaired and send an invoice. Second, you can`t increase the rent at a rental period unless the lease informs you. This usually only includes the language to increase the rent annually and gradually. For this situation, you must wait 30 days before the end of the rental period and then inform them of the rent increase. This gives them time to decide whether they want to stay or leave. Wildcard situation – There is a small chance that tenants will cause you problems to pay the damage bill.

In this case, depending on the language of your lease, it may cause them to violate the agreement. You can then take the right steps to terminate the lease due to non-compliance. I do not know how much time is left for the duration of the lease, which would determine the likelihood of that scenario. If there are still 2 months left, it is not worth terminating the lease prematurely. Let the lease expire, inform him of the non-renewal and remove the damage from the deposit. They want to move me to renovate my apartment. Shouldn`t this be done when my lease expires? The relocation rule is nowhere in the actual rental agreement. Landlords can implement rule changes when a tenant`s lease expires. In other words, landlords should notify the tenant of the upcoming change before it is time to renew the lease so that the tenant is aware of the change before signing the new lease. If the tenant is in a monthly lease, the landlord must notify the tenant of the change in a timely manner — usually a 30-day notice period, although some states may allow more or less short notice periods. Rules can also be established for new applicants who can respect them when signing the lease. Thus, the California landlord cannot make the changes he has requested for his current tenants, but he can impose income and credit limits on applicants and future tenants as long as it is in the lease and does not violate state or local laws.

If a landlord wants to implement a major change, both options to do so are through a rental add-on or pending the expiration of the current lease. The lease you both signed is in effect. If you choose not to sign the new one, you will be under the original until it expires. I am currently in the middle of a one-year lease in Providence, RI. My building was bought by a new owner just yesterday. He immediately sent us an email with supplements to our current lease. However, these additions include the removal of the washer and dryer that all tenants have paid for and the implementation of a washer and coin dryer that will be installed later this week. It also added a late fee clause. He also said he was not responsible for snow removal, including public sidewalks in front of the house. Can he change the lease that way? He never personally suggested these changes to us, and we never had the opportunity to sign a new lease/updated or anything. My lease expires on June 30 I have my extension and also a section that says that the apartment complex will be open from 1. The month of April is calculated for a water and sewer system, how is that accurate? My landlord incorrectly entered the rent in our renewed lease.

Instead of $650, she listed it as $550, with $50 for late payments. She also gave the wrong apartment number and that it will come into effect on June 1, although we did not sign until August 13. I had paid $650 but noticed the mistake that month, 3 months after signing, and I paid $500 – rent minus late payments for 3 months. When I was asked where the rest of the rent was, I explained that it was in my lease, and now she wants to correct the lease and force me to pay the remaining $150. Can he do that? If you need property management in Scottsdale and need help creating an airtight lease, contact us at Brewer & Stratton Property Management. We can help you describe the terms that are important to you so you don`t have to. In addition, we explain the lease in detail to your tenants and continue to manage your rent once they have moved in. KansasRenter, the quick answer is yes, the owner can introduce a smoking ban. A smoker is not a protected class and, therefore, a landlord can prohibit any activity on their property if it is described in the lease. It looks like it will be for you. It`s not uncommon at all, in fact, I would say that there are more smoke-free rental units than those that allow smoking these days.

I`m sorry to be bringing bad news to you. Here`s another resource you can try if you`re interested. www.rentprep.com/blog/landlords-ban-smoking-rental-property/ The next time they have loud music, invite the manager. In such situations, the typical solution is to remove yourself from the unit and place yourself with tenants who are not noisy. I realize you haven`t done anything wrong, but if you`re not noisy during the quiet hours of the community, unfortunately, you`re fighting a losing battle. No one wants to live near someone who is so ruthless, and the property manager should see that. Jimmie, it is common for a new lease to be created since you are there from month to month. But when a new owner buys the property, each tenant is still under the rental terms they initially agreed to until new terms are presented and agreed.

So technically, you can have a new landlord while having your original lease. No, you are still under the terms of your original lease, unless otherwise signed. It doesn`t matter who manages the property. Can a landlord change the rules by hanging a letter on everyone`s door even if no rent supplement has been signed? For example, my landlord is constantly changing the rules about when and where visitors can park. Today, a vague letter was left on the reservation of parking spaces for an additional fee. My lease says nothing about the allocation of parking, except to have a permit. Also, you should avoid the following mistakes when creating your leases: If you want to avoid spending too much money, wasting time, and dealing with disputes, adjust your leases. Even if that means hiring a Scottsdale property management company to help you. In short, yes, they can.

Improvements to the property can be made without the consent of the tenants if it does not affect their lease. And asking for a higher amount of rent would make sense when they renovate. It is a decision you have to make; Are the higher rents and renovations worth a stay? I have been living in my townhouse since 12/09. My lease does not expire before 31.12.15. My landlord passed away a few weeks ago, it seems that the other family members are taking care of things in his death. We had serious problems with very bad windows. I am a tenant of an apartment (sec8). Now that the place has not passed the annual inspection, they decided to get 2 new windows. (too cheap to get the 5 windows) But now I`m told they don`t want us to have air conditioners in the windows.

It`s summer in Chicago where it can get brutal when it comes to heat, (Humidity is enough to kill you) I pay the electricity bill. I have lung problems and I have a son who has asthma. For the upstairs rooms, how can anyone think we wouldn`t need air conditioning? Needless to say, they are far too cheap to ever consider central air. If I`m right, they can`t do it in the middle of the lease and I wouldn`t sign a new lease either that says we can`t have air conditioning in our rooms. What happens if the landlord says „dogs are allowed“ and says in the middle of the lease that they are not? The same goes for other objects or parts. Stephen, I too wanted to believe it had nothing to do with discrimination, but it didn`t change the way I felt. It was like discrimination…