What Is Another Word for Witness Statement

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Fingerprints and hands silently testifying to what happened in the city from buildings that have survived – this is something very optimistic and resilient. This document testifies to his presence that day. Synonyms:Treasure, Beauty, Spectator, Stunning, Smasher, Observer, Informant, Fishing, Spectator, Security Guard, Spectator Pump, Knockout, Lulu, Witness, Witness, Witness, Mantrap, Guard, Spectator, Witness, Witness, Witness, Court, Ramisher, Testimony, Traitor, Tracer, Eyewitness, Witness, Witness, Witness, Witness, Witness, Traitor, Control, Cookie, Witness, Baton, Comparison, Witness, Indicator, Witness, Faith, Participation, Testimony This is not a rape case, it is outright blackmail by a Plaintiff who does not want anyone to be testified because every unprofessional witness in the case will destroy the plaintiff`s story. I don`t really want to be actively harassed (I mean testified) (…) uE000152870 We didn`t expect a house to be destroyed, the power of it shook the bridge, it was crazy and scary! Synonyms: Certificate, testimony, evidence, confirmation, cognition, confirmation, eyewitness, bystander, listener, witness, voucher, ear witness Confirm, admit and declare refer to themselves or others; all other words refer only to one`s own knowledge or actions. To confess means to declare courageously and openly, usually as something one is willing to justify, maintain or defend. A man recognizes another`s claim or his own promise; he admits an opponent`s advantage or his own mistake; he explains either what he has seen or experienced, or what he has received from another; he betrays what he is sure of by his own knowledge or conscience; he gives his assurance as a good one for what he promises; He openly professes a faith or intention that he has kept silent. Avow and avouch take a direct object; Aver is followed by a conjunction: a man professes his faith, confesses an act, claims that he was present. Avow usually has common sense; what a person confesses, at least does not treat them as reprehensible, criminal or shameful; if he did, it looks like he would admit it; Nevertheless, there is always the suggestion that some will be willing to question or censor what one confesses; When the clergyman expressed his rejection of the teaching of his Church. Yours applies to all things, good or bad, big or small, that you make your own. Compare CONFESS; CONDITION.

„She witnessed the accident and had to testify in court“ He saw that it was an ironic thing for him to run towards what he had tried so hard to avoid. But he basically figured that if the Earth and moon were about to collide, many people would no doubt plan to climb onto the rooftops to observe the collision. Synonyms: witness, witness, confirm, confirm, testify, witness As a witness to the event, I can tell you that he really said that. Synonyms:Witness, Observer, Witness, Informant, Spectator, Spectator, Source, Witness, Witness, Viewer someone who sees an event and reports what happened Synonyms:Certificate, Testimony, Evidence, Eyewitness, Deponnt, Witness Stephen Crane, The Red Badge of Courage, Chapter 8: Antonyms: Disability, Ignorance, Refutation, Ignorance, Alien, Ignorant, Stranger. Synonyms: zugeben, aver, avouch, confess, confess, declare, know, possess, proklam, profess, protest, test „We found republicans winning the services“; „You will see a lot of fraud in this school“; „In the 1960s, there was a rebellion of the younger generation against established traditions“; „I want to see results,“ an attentive observer; someone who is looking at something (e.B. a question of any kind) Synonyms: testimony, proof, attestation, confirmation (right) a person who certifies the authenticity of a document or signature by adding his own signature. Give a personal religious testimony; preach to (someone) or on behalf of. not being involved in anything and being completely innocent „applauded the audience for the performance“; „Viewers“; „Sky watchers have discovered a new star.“ (Right) a person testifying in court under oath. .