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Of course, if you decide to choose the litter, you will have to wait until the puppies are 8 weeks old to charge your dog`s stud fee. Canine Stud Service is a process in which a stud farm and dam are grown in the heat. In general, there is a notice period of 65 to 70 days. If the dam owner can inform the stud owner of a non-pregnancy, but the stud farm is no longer available, a return service will be offered by another compatible stud farm. If he is informed outside this period, the owner of the stud farm may refuse the execution. If you are suddenly inundated with offers from dam owners, don`t be afraid! There`s nothing wrong with raising your prices – if dam owners are serious about raising their mother with your stud farm, they usually pay more. Popularity can be instantaneous or gradually appear over time (often once the owner mothers can see that your stud has spawned a strong line of puppies). Change your price accordingly, but be smart; Being too ambitious too soon can lead to the loss of stud service requests. In exchange for mating a dam with his stud farm, a stud owner receives some compensation, which is indicated in the stud farm`s service contract. Stud fees are usually one of the first issues discussed by farm and dam owners and appear at the beginning of the contract as an important point to be agreed. Ideally, an amount should be set orally well before the contract is signed. The fees are paid by the woman`s owner to the man`s owner; he pays for the right of the owner of the sheep to breed with the stud farm. Increasing terrace fees can be done using your proven and experienced stud farms only with you really believe in it.

While it doesn`t seem like you need to be aware of these points as a stud owner for the contract, understanding the many different types of breeding will help determine your contract and how each member of the party incurs the cost. In addition, if you know the different types of breeding, you can determine what you want to offer as a stud farm. It comes down to whether or not you`re comfortable with the collections. The owner mother should know that stud farms can also produce other puppies with other females. Then comes the „litter“. The contract must specify which clause constitutes the agreement. Usually, it is at least one puppy (living or dead). And if only one offspring is produced, the owner of the stud farm offers a return service. „You want to have a few things in it. The name of the stallion dog, and by that I mean its registered name, its registration number. You want the identification of the dog, the CHIC number.

You also want the bitch`s information also about the contract. Both dogs, you want them to be described. If you have their microchip numbers, I would include them there too. The Breeding Act includes several conditions that must be met by the owner of the stud farm. For example, the stud farm must have the appropriate veterinary certificates to prove that it is in excellent physical condition, that it has received a negative brucellosis test and that it is vaccinated at the latest. The owner must also be able to provide a three-generation pedigree that gives the dam owner information about the stud farm`s family history. You should always make sure your dog is well cared for and in the best physical condition – make sure he exercises and/or exercises regularly, eats well and has regular health checks. For him to be considered a true champion, he must always be in great shape.

Identify its strengths and market them as much as possible – don`t be afraid to promote your stud if it can live up to expectations. Never deceive dam owners about the characteristics or qualities of stud farms, because the lives of future puppies are at stake. Of course, if you have a rare breed, your stud will be desirable if few of them are available. However, if you have a popular breed, like the number one breed in the United States for more than 20 years: the Labrador Retriever, your stud must stand out from the crowd if you want it to be used. If natural supply cannot be achieved, stud owners may also offer the possibility of artificial insemination by a licensed veterinarian. The contract contains the terms of this agreement, including the name of the veterinarian to perform the procedure and any additional costs. For example, the mother may have to pay for the seeds of the stud farm to be collected, frozen and sent to the appropriate place. You can`t rely on your stud service on popularity itself. You should find a balance between advertising and service. There may come a time when you feel overwhelmed by dam owners, don`t be afraid to say no to some of them and raise your prices. For stud owners who prefer to be paid by having the first harvest on the dam`s garbage, aim for the best.

Breeders aim to make a dog healthier, stronger and, overall, better than the current dog they use for breeding. Experts hoping to become champion descendants would choose a stallion that is in the best physical condition. So make sure your boy is well cared for and healthy and that he is an artist in the ring. Identify the strengths of the stud farm and promote them. But never say anything to deceive the owner mothers about the characteristics of your dog, because you are also putting the lives of puppies at risk. Finally, in your contract, indicate litter tracking, as well as the owner`s responsibility to provide adequate nutrition, housing, maintenance, and pet care if necessary. If she is not treated properly, she could lose the pregnancy. In this case, you may decide not to offer a repeated stud farm service if the care was not adequate or if the care was abused in some way.

Although the dam owner pays for a service, they still need to meet the requirements to ensure that the process runs smoothly. They too need to make sure their mother is healthy, vaccinated and brucellosis-free – she also needs to be in season! It is also common for the bridge fee to be paid before maintenance and the owner of the stud refuses to start maintenance until the fee is paid. Dam owners must also comply with the agreed notice period regarding a non-pregnancy if they need a return service. Stud and mother owners should discuss and agree on how long the two dogs will stay together. The service goes beyond mating, stud owners are involved in the whole process. You also need to guarantee the conception and a number of puppies, take care of the female and, if necessary, support the mating process. The amount discussed appears at an early stage of the contract. In exchange for the work of the stud farm and a guarantee of the pregnancy of the female, payment can be made in many forms. Bridge fees can be paid in cash, which costs approximately between $250 and $1,000. This would depend, of course, on how many times the stud has become and produced champions. Others would charge the same price for a puppy. Another factor that would affect the sperm quality of your deckling is the frequency of reproduction.

Online advertising is also a good option. Check out the stud dogs where other stud owners advertise their dogs, such as K9Stud, Breed Your Dog, Free Dog Listings, and Terrific Pets. There you can also advertise your dog for stud service. There is nothing wrong with opting for a puppy instead of money. This is a great way to build an impressive package of future dams and bulls. It will also improve and promote the role of your stud farm. As in humans, the fertility of a stud dog can be affected by disease, weather conditions and season, so it is recommended to check its fertility every few months to make sure it still appears as a stud dog before entering into other contracts with it. Dams and stud farms can be local to each other, meaning the dam can be dropped and picked up hours later. Other dam owners will travel miles to drop off their dog and leave it with the stud owner for several days or a week to have enough time for natural mating. The dog breeding service contract sets out the details of how the stud owner should take care of the dam during their stay, for example, ensuring that it is fed and kept warm and comfortable. .