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O2 offers three different types of contracts – 18 months, 12 months or a 30-day SIM card. However, the shorter your contract, the more money you end up paying. With giveaways like free Disney Plus subscriptions, data boosts, half-price promotions, and more, O2 SIM-only deals look like the strongest they`ve had in a long time. More affordable: When you sign a contract with a new phone, things get expensive. So if no phone is included, a SIM-only offer can reduce costs. Yes, passing a credit check for a 12-month SIM-only offer is good for your credit score. This is because you commit to paying a fixed fee for your plan on time each month. O2 offers a wide range of data volumes for all budgets and requirements with its monthly SIM-only offerings, from just 1GB to unlimited data. PAYG customers are more restricted, with certificates ranging from 7GB to 100GB.

You will then be converted to your selected SIM only offer 30 days after your current contract expires. It`s as simple as that. Access the best parts of O2, like O2 Priority rewards, but with the added benefit of total flexibility. There are no contracts, no credit check and the Sim can be ordered for free. Plus, you can claim £10 of free O2 credit for all Big Bundles and another £5 when you sign up for My O2. In addition, a number of SIM plans (again long-term) also offer you a few months of free Apple Music. Compare only SIM plans that don`t require a credit check. For example, Vodafone and O2 offer their customers various gifts through their apps.

The SIMplicity plan starts at £3 per month and offers customers a SIM-only offer with a range of sms, calls and data available. Can keep a phone you already have: Since you only use the SIM card, you can continue to use the phone you already like without having to pay for a new one. From monthly paid plans to SIM-only plans, with plenty of data for downloads and social media, or maybe just enough minutes and texts to stay in touch with your loved ones, figuring out what you need for a cellular plan is the first step to choosing the right network. Of the contract? Do you like your current phone and don`t feel like an expensive upgrade? Well, you could save a lot by switching to one of our best SIM-only deals. At the time of writing, O2 offers existing O2 customers who do not have a refreshment contract and whose contract was signed before the 5th anniversary of the year. March 2018 ends, the possibility to update for free. Customers whose contract ends after this will receive a 25% discount on their contract remaining at the time of upgrade. You can claim a £10 free credit when you buy an O2 Big Bundle. To claim your credit, text FREE10 to 21500 within 28 days of ordering your Sim. Finally, one of the biggest advantages of O2 is the priority reward system. This rewards you with free coffee, access to concerts and more. The only other network that has a similar advantage is Vodafone with its VeryMe program.

With a SIM-only offer, you get data, calls, and TEXT messages for a monthly fee. The difference with monthly standard phone offers is that with SIM-only offers, you don`t have to pay for the phone. All you pay for is the SIM card and allowances. If you are switching from O2 Pay Monthly to O2 Pay As You Go, please contact our Pay Monthly customer service. We will do the rest. If you`re using O2 Refresh, you won`t be able to upgrade to Pay As You Go until your device plan has been paid. If you do not use O2 Refresh but still have a minimum contract duration, you may have to pay a cancellation fee. If you`re looking for peace of mind and the certainty that you`ll never run out of minutes, text messages, or dates, this 12-month SIM offer is ideal. Currently, it costs £33 a month, it`s not cheap, but it means you can stream happily whenever you want without the need for Wi-Fi.

Plus, the 12-month contract means you only have to wait a year before you can change. Available for iPhone and Android, the free downloadable MyO2 app allows you to manage your invoices and add data when you run out of it. You can also check the call charges with detailed invoices. Yes. Log in to My O2 or call 2202 for free from your O2 phone to upgrade to a new plan – you can do this once a month if you wish. The phone schedule increases to £30 a month after the first six months – but you`ll still save around £90 on the two-year contract like what you`d pay at full price. O2 offers three contracts with its SIM offerings only: a 30-day contract for those who want the flexibility to be able to leave in the blink of an eye, and a 12-month contract or a 24-month contract for those who like to commit. Longer contracts typically cost less per month for the same amount of data, but carry the risk of not being able to leave if your situation changes.

O2`s best prices come on 18-month contracts if you don`t mind committing a little longer. If you use the comparison table at the top of the page, you can filter by contract duration. Once you insert your SIM card into a phone, it syncs with your network. but you can use it in different handsets. This way, you can switch to new phones and keep the same number, contacts, and even your saved messages. Just choose one of our cheap plans, enter your details and we`ll send you your free Sim. If you order your free Sim from Sunday to Thursday before 2pm, you will receive your free Sim the next business day. To get in touch with O2 customer service, you can call 202 from your O2 mobile phone free of charge or 0344 809 0202 from a landline. Calls from landlines are charged at the usual rate.

Customer service is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. .m to 8 p.m.m and Saturdays and Sundays from 9 a..m m. to 6 p.m.m. This allows consumers to pay too much and gives them the clue that they can find a better deal with a new network if they want to look around. First, order your free Sim. Once you`ve received your free Sim, download the My O2 app and save your data. Your free O2 credit will be credited within 5 business days of registering for My O2 and verifying eligibility for the offer. In addition, O2 also offers discounts to customers through O2 Priority, including free Greggs on Fridays and Saturdays. The best SIM-only offers are diverse and are a good option for all types of mobile phone users. From cheap deals to unlimited data, the flexibility of SIM-only plans is a big draw for people who don`t want to be tied to a monthly contract. Compare our best SIM deals today to find the perfect plan for your mobile phone needs.

O2`s network offers all customers 97% coverage of the 4G population across the UK. .