Microsoft Reseller Program Indirect Taxes

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Select Register Now. Your indirect reseller business uses the same AAD tenant that you use for your direct business. A list of your programs appears. Select the arrow next to a program to view the profile details. Partners transacting through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program in the EU/EFTA and the UK We are pleased to announce the availability of the standard banking profile feature in Partner Center. This feature allows incentive administrators to configure default banking profiles and assign them to Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) locations. These default profiles are then used by Microsoft after installation when the partner wants to enroll in an incentive program for that MPN location. The indirect sandbox reseller does not need a real indirect reseller to register. You also cannot use the Azure Shared Services Partner offering as part of the CSP program to purchase new Azure subscriptions for your own use. Browse the list of official indirect Microsoft providers. Your indirect supplier must have a reseller relationship with your customers to place orders on their behalf.

The monthly CSP community Q&A session gives you the opportunity to learn more about the changes affecting the program and ask questions. This month`s conference call will focus on the above topics and more. In the EU/EFTA and UK region, all new CSP commercial offers use the partner`s billing location instead of the customer`s billing location. This means that Microsoft partners are billed based on their location currency, not their customers` location currency. We have announced that Phase 1 will go live on January 28, 2021. We are now ready to share more details about Phase 2 of this transition experience. For a detailed overview of the step-by-step process, see the Direct to Indirect Transition The Transition Partner Creates a Subscription Transfer Request document. The request contains one or more existing subscriptions associated with the same customer and is addressed to an indirect provider.

To confirm the partnership with the provider, select the check box, and then select Allow indirect provider. The vendor is now listed on the Indirect Vendors page and your business is now listed on the Vendor`s Indirect Resellers page. Reseller Open License to CSP Transition Materials: Customizable documents designed to help indirect suppliers accelerate reseller integration and the introduction of perpetual software into the CSP program are available under Reseller Open License to CSP transition materials. If the value of the program status is limited, your direct billing partner`s access to direct billing features has been restricted. Once you`ve signed up as an indirect reseller with the new feature, there`s no option to switch back to a direct billing customer. Be sure to fully assess your business needs before registering as an indirect reseller. Today, we`re announcing the general availability of sandbox support for the indirect model. This allows indirect vendors to automatically test features in the sandbox before deploying them to production. The following applies: The indirect provider will send you an email invitation to authorize them to be your indirect provider. The email contains a link to Partner Center and links your account to the provider`s account. Partners selling Community Cloud (GCC) offerings for academic, nonprofit, and government enterprises through the Cloud Solution Provider program using the Microsoft Shopping Partner Center API in the commercial marketplace in the CSP program This feature is only available to transition partners who have completed indirect reseller registration with their existing direct billing partner tenants If you are already a direct billing partner Indirect reseller in Partner Center, Accept the Microsoft Partner Agreement in the Partner Center Dashboard Overview with global administrator credentials. Verify that you have signed the Microsoft Partner Agreement in the Program Information section of the Partner Profile.

A confirmation banner notification is also displayed on the CSP overview page. All resellers in the United States must provide proof of VAT exemption within 30 days of acceptance of the Microsoft Reseller Agreement. Each state has different exemption certificates for resale. Work with your tax advisor to determine what is relevant to your legal address and registered states. Under Indirect Provider, verify that the intended indirect provider is listed. What is the risk mitigation if the indirect sandbox reseller does not have administrator agent roles created by default? As previously announced, as of January 1, 2022, SA renewals or newly acquired software licenses cannot be performed through the Open License Program. New license purchases must be managed through MCCL CSP. You and your indirect supplier must have reseller relationships with customers.

These reseller relationships allow you to manage a customer`s subscriptions and services on their behalf. To attract a new customer with an existing Azure AD tenant, you can invite the customer to establish a reseller relationship with you and your vendor at the same time. Verify that the selected indirect provider appears under Indirect provider. If you have a Partner Center member account (MPN ID), you must still formally enroll in the Cloud Solution Provider program. To verify your membership status, go to your affiliate profile and confirm the account type. Then, register with CSP as an indirect reseller. Once you have registered as an indirect reseller, you accept your indirect supplier`s request for a CSP relationship. You can also use the Partner Center API/SDK to transfer your existing subscriptions to your indirect provider. Ensuring your resellers are ready is an important factor in the success of this transition, and we urge you to start this process as soon as possible. To prepare for and accelerate your reseller onboarding activities, a list of upcoming prep materials and webinars is available for you to use or share with your resellers: If your localization MPN ID is paid by a local Microsoft subsidiary for a specific incentive program and allows limited risk distributor (LRD) credits as a payment method, your payment profile will be used with the payment method of the pre-filled LRD credit note. In the LRD credit payment method for the respective incentive program and the location`s MPN ID, you will see Confirmed or Verification Required as the status in the Payment Profile section.

This feature is only available to direct billing partners who switch to an indirect reseller and have completed the indirect reseller registration. To avoid confusion and misunderstanding, you are contractually bound by your partnership agreement to inform the direct billing customer and obtain the consent of the direct billing customer before using the relationship extension feature to establish a reseller relationship between an existing direct billing customer and an indirect supplier. Most resellers are not exempt from the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and the Quebec Sales Tax (QST). Contact your tax advisor to determine if you qualify for an exemption and what documents you need to provide to Microsoft. The tax is displayed on two separate lines for Canada: GST/HST and PST/QST. You must be an incentive administrator to create or manage payment and tax profiles in Partner Center. Incentive roles must be assigned to each MPN location as part of each incentive program. For more information about adding incentive administrators in Partner Center, see Creating user accounts. Under the indirect CSP model, indirect resellers do not have a billing relationship with Microsoft. Instead, indirect resellers receive subscriptions for their customers through their indirect providers. When transitioning from a direct billing partner to an indirect reseller, you must transfer the existing subscriptions that you have as a direct billing partner to your indirect provider. To do this, you can use the self-service subscription transfer feature in the Partner Center dashboard.

Once the customer has authorized you and your provider to be their registered resellers, you have administrator privileges to manage their subscriptions, licenses, and users on their behalf, and your indirect provider can submit orders on their behalf. .