Loan Agreement Traduccion

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. The loan agreement replaced the above-mentioned obligation. . The exact financial conditions will be set by the Commission in the loan agreement. Search for more words in the Spanish-French dictionary. . Those specific financial conditions should be laid down in a loan or grant agreement. Individual loan agreement involving several companies as lenders. Article 1(2) of the loan agreement provided that the loan was to be used only for investments. An indexed loan agreement with 3% interest. .

Loan from the Romanian Commercial Bank commissioned by the Ministry of Finance and then made available to CE Hunedoara through a subsidiary loan agreement (BCR loan): 83485450 RON. The loan agreement referred to in Article 3(3) must contain provisions In accordance with clause 7.4 of the loan agreement, the margin of loan A may be changed only after the contract has been signed. Loan maturity date as defined in the loan agreement. . . . These statements are from external sources and may be inaccurate. is not responsible for the content. This loan agreement was guaranteed to the Romanian Government […].