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Lockheed Martin Corp. has led defense contractors with commitments totaling more than $74 billion. See how the rest of the top 10 measured in fiscal year 2020: [The Bloomberg government launched the tenth annual BGOV200, a ranking of the federal government`s top entrepreneurs. View the list and download the report.] In the United States, defence procurement has played an increasingly important role. In 2009, the Department of Defense spent nearly $316 billion on contracts. [1] Contractors assumed a much larger presence on the ground during U.S. conflicts: during the 1991 Gulf War, the ratio of uniformed military to contractors was about 50:1, while during the first four years of the Iraq war, the U.S. hired more than 190,000 contractors, exceeding the entire U.S. military presence even during the 2007 surge in Iraq, and 23 times more than other allied militaries. [1] In Afghanistan, the presence of nearly 100,000 entrepreneurs resulted in a ratio of nearly 1 to 1 with military personnel. [1] The increase in spending for defence service contractors, which began in 2001, stopped in 2009, leading to the 2010 Better Buying Power initiative. [2] [3] For more than 45 years, Forecast International`s intelligence reports have been the standard for accurate research, analysis and forecasting in the aerospace and defense industry. Our experienced analysts create, evaluate and present accurate data to decision-makers.

FI`s market research reports provide a concise analysis of individual programs and identify market opportunities. Each report includes an overview of the program, detailed statistics, current developments and competitive analysis that results in production forecasts over 10 or 15 years. Let our market intelligence reports play an important role in reducing uncertainty and controlling your specific market and growth potential. For more information, see Below is a list of the top 100 U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) contractors for fiscal year 2020, ranked by the total contract funds awarded. In fiscal year 2020, the Department of Defense awarded a total of $421.5 billion in defense contracts, up 10.2 percent from fiscal 2019 from $382.6 billion. The Ministry of Defence`s share of total government contracts was 63.3% in FY20, up from 65.1% in FY19. In fiscal 2020, Lockheed Martin, the highest award winner, received $74.9 billion in Prime contracts, or 17.8% of the total contract funds awarded by the DoD.

Raytheon Technologies came in second with $26.5 billion (6.3%), followed by General Dynamics in third place with $21.9 billion (5.2%). Boeing received $21.7 billion (5.2 percent), followed by Northrop Grumman, Huntington Ingalls, Humana, BAE Systems, L3Harris and General Electric. BAE Systems, No. 8 on the list, was the Department of Defense`s largest foreign defense contractor in fiscal year 2019. Explore the tenth annual BGOV200 Federal Industry Leader Ranking and download the full report. This study focuses only on major contracts — those where companies have direct relationships with the government — and not on subcontracts. The Defense Ministry`s spending includes contracts with the Army, Air Force, Navy, and 20 other defense agencies. What`s next for defense contracts? All eyes are on President Biden`s budget proposal for fiscal year 2022. Defense agencies would receive $753 billion as part of the request, $12.3 billion more than fiscal year 2021 levels. It should be noted that this will be the first budget in a decade in which defence and non-defence spending will not be limited by budget caps. This means that Congress has the ability to transfer money between defense and non-defense programs or increase funding without using emergency or emergency accounts. In fiscal 2020, defense contract spending reached a record high of $447 billion, accounting for nearly two-thirds of total federal contract spending.

This is an impressive growth trajectory that we have been pursuing for years. Pentagon spending increased by $140.6 billion between 2016 and 2020, with an increase of $42 billion last year alone. The Navy and Army increased their spending by 23 and 9 percent, respectively, in fiscal 2020, while the Air Force remained unchanged. A defence contractor is a commercial organization or individual who provides products or services to a government`s military or intelligence service. Products typically include military or civil aircraft, ships, vehicles, weapons, and electronic systems, while services may include logistics, technical support and training, communication support, and technical assistance in collaboration with the government. Security companies generally do not provide direct support to military operations. Under the Geneva Conventions of 1949, military contractors involved in directly supporting military operations can be legitimate targets for military interrogations Now, let`s take a look at the biggest defense contractors at BGOV200.. .