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Debt agreements are a formal alternative to bankruptcy under the Bankruptcy Act for persons who are insolvent (unable to repay their debts when due). Under a debt contract, your unsecured creditors agree to accept less than the total amount of debt owed in return for your obligation to make regular repayments for an agreed period. As of June 27, 2019, debt agreements are limited to a maximum of 3 years or 5 years during which you own or repay your home. Caution: Do not refinance yourself on a loan with a higher interest rate to consolidate your debt. If you`re refinancing credit card debt, be sure to stop taking on credit card debt after that – cut the card(s) until you`ve paid off the consolidated debt. Debtors can propose to change an agreement, but this requires a vote of the creditors concerned and payments must not exceed the income/payment ratio. In addition, the total duration of the agreement may not exceed three years. The creditor`s debts are determined at the time the proposal is included in the NPII. There is no interest and creditors cannot take or continue to take action against the debtor to collect their debts.

A debt contract is not a consolidation loan and does not necessarily cover all debts. For more information on covered debts, visit the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) website. You can continue to pay your creditors during the processing period, the amount of debt included in the debt contract is the amount due on the date of declaration. However, you should continue to pay your secured creditors all the time, as they are not included in the debt contract. Sum of payments that the debtor should make + amount of the low-income debtor Once the fee has been paid and the proposal approved by AFSA, it will be sent to creditors for a vote. A proposal is adopted when a majority of creditors (referring to the value of the debts) vote in favour of the debtor`s proposal. Debt agreements commenced before June 27, 2019 are not subject to the director`s registration requirement. A debt contract is not the same as a debt consolidation loan or informal payment agreements with your creditors. To submit a debt settlement proposal to AFSA, the debtor must meet the criteria set out in Article 185C. All unsecured creditors have the right to vote.

A secured creditor may vote only on an unsecured portion of its debt. For example, if you have a secured auto loan for which you owe $24,500 and your car is worth $19,000, the secured creditor has the right to vote on the unsecured portion of that debt. In this example, it is $5,500. This is because the value of your car is less than the amount you owe and that part or loss of profit is considered an unsecured debt. Debt settlement. Between the parties, it is presumed that the debtor has an unpaid debt to the creditor. In the mutual interest of the parties, they agree that this outstanding debt will be marked as paid when the debtor makes the payment from $___ to __ Compare how it works if you continue to make payments with your credit cards. Like many people, you may only be able to pay the minimum monthly repayment of your credit cards. This way, you will find that it takes years to pay off your debts. Take a look at the moneysmart website (

It shows how $1,000 on your credit card can be converted into an 11-year loan because the amount you owe is slowly decreasing and you are paying a high amount of interest. Several pieces of information are needed to balance the wording of this Agreement. As a first step, we will bring together the parties who intend to conclude this contract. First, we identify the creditor. That is, the party that holds the debt. Note the legal name of the creditor in the first space of the first paragraph. Then use the second blank line to document the creditor`s address. .