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(1) The gong is definitely a Tsundere. So if you can`t tolerate it and you don`t understand how a Tsundere acts and thinks, then I think that`s enough for you, then just find another story to read. Rose Sisco: I`m addicted to this book, I`m looking forward to the next update. On the edge of my seat! The writing style is so captivating and easy to lose, I can`t wait to read more! ~ ❤️ beautiful story, it`s interesting and I want to read the next book. Thank you very much. I want to read this book, but it doesn`t open. What for?? northupjanet: I enjoyed reading your book, I thought your story was good. The only request would be that the communication of each character be confirmed so that the reading circulates. Keep writing. He thought this marriage was simply undesirable, but soon after, he found out. HER HUSBAND`S BODY IS MORE HONEST THAN HIS MOUTH.

This man was a deceitful man who was confused to the extreme! Han Yang never thought that one day he would sell himself in marriage to another man. He believed that his life would be trivial, but this man named HeLian Qing broke his planned life. Parental debts, compensation for a child, he had no chance of resisting, he has no ability to resist. The MC was forced into a contract marriage by ML, who had loved him for many years but had never approached him before! It`s like OK, I love this person so much, should I probably meet them by chance somewhere and introduce myself or maybe arrange an internship for them in my company or just come to see them and ask them? no, too boring, I`m going to blackmail him into marrying me, that way, it`s special how many people, when asked „how did you meet“, can answer „Oh, we met when my parents took a lot of money from him and then sold me to him to pay off their debts“. Contemporary romance r18 weaktostrong mystery sweetlove firstlove fatedlove baby contractmarriage friendstolovers childhoodsweethearts Han Yang`s stopped abruptly. Then he raised his head to see the man who had already approached him at that time, who was right next to him. This other person was wearing a white shirt with a slightly loose tie and missed all the rigor he had when they first met. Now, just that pretty and – judging by the lack of excessive emotion – quite serious face looking down on it. Zoee Murray: This book is an interesting read. I liked the way the author wrote about both perspectives in the book. I like Ava`s personality as it was written by the author. Although she has been through so many things, she is so strong and confident Milagros Relon, scroll down to the page of the logo of the contractual wedding.

Click Book Series. He will show it to you. But you have to pay for the book 2 dr. Hi guys, it`s with a heavy heart that I announce that there is an app called Solnovel and Novelworm that stole the dream works and as soon as we update the chapter here, it will also appear there. The number of works has been stolen from this app, even the stories with exclusive contract, so I ask you all to report this app while playing…. Ryouma Carlton, the tall, handsome and handsome guy whose face is on the cover of the magazine lying on the table between us, he is famous for his appearance and as the youngest businessman to achieve status and power in society alone at such a young age, this is one of the reasons why my father is quite impressed with him and after this contract, both companies would dominate the business market throughout Asia. He has removed his chocolate brown hair and shows his forehead in this expensive black brand suit with a white shirt that contrasts with his black tie, and focuses his gray eyes on his iPad while reading the news on the stock market that exudes the aura of a typical businessman but still looks incredibly good. Well, according to him, time is money and he doesn`t want to waste his precious time doing nothing (my bad thing, I just lost his 2 minutes by being late), He hasn`t even saved me a glimpse since I got here. After a long silence, he finally looks up and catches me looking at him. I shyly look away and put the curl of my black hair behind my ears, hoping that I look good and my hair and makeup are fine, well, I`m a girl sitting right in front of my fiancé..